Elvenbane, The by Mercedes Lackey

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Book Information  
AuthorMercedes Lackey
TitleElvenbane, The
SeriesHalfblood Chronicles, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Kelsey 
(Sep 21, 2009)

I am thirteen years old. My name is Kelsey. I love to read. I got the Elvenbane book from my Uncle Bob. He, like me loves to read. I have been very impressed with the book so far. I am on chapter 5. I love the book's use of universal themes such as: the feeling of being an outcast. The compassion of strangers. Selfishness and mind-blowing magic! I like the fact that in the book, the mother of Shana does not want her. Not all mothers want their kids. And yet, for all her selfishness, it show sympathy toward the character of the mother, showing that she was a woman who did what she had to do. This is a very imaginative book. I will enjoy reading it.

Sincerely yours

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