Arrow's Fall by Mercedes Lackey

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Book Information  
AuthorMercedes Lackey
TitleArrow's Fall
SeriesHeralds of Valdemar, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jul 31, 2009)

This book starts out interesting, but ultimately fails, as the main character go from triumph to triumph often entirely due to the actions of others. A bit of hardship would have made this book a hundred times better.

The heroine comes from a strict and harsh family yes, but that is dealt with in less than a chapter, and is not really given time to develop before it is over.

That chapter is further interrupted by the character in the book reading about a character in a book, a book in the book written in the same style as the real book (yes, confusing).

From there the girl goes from success to success, nothing faces her for long, she has more abilities than anyone else, and everybody who is not clearly evil loves her and helps her out.

In the end this book just becomes boring.

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