Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey

  (16 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorMercedes Lackey
TitleBrightly Burning
SeriesOther Valdemar
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Taylor 
(Jul 02, 2008)

This story had a slight redundancy to it, the classic story of a child coming into his powers and causing chaos. But with the writing styles of Mercedes Lackey, I was impressed. She took a rather common storyline and gave it new life. The way she used certain aspects from the overall realm of fantasy that she has created made it an even more enjoyable read. Though the unoriginality of the basic plot takes away from it, the literary genius of Mercedes Lackey gives it new life.

Submitted by Bob 
(Mar 23, 2007)

I really did not enjoy this book at all. Perhaps if I was under the age of 16 it may have been more interesting, but it really is not a book for adults who are looking for even a basic level of sophistication in the writing. The story is the very typical story of a youth rising from a very unsatisfying adolescence into a powerful individual with great powers (i.e. the youth has inherent magical abilities). These stories are typically somewhat formulaic, but some authors, such as Modesitt Jr's in his recluse series, are able to create interesting surroundings and storylines that overcome the basic level of the story line. I really can't recommend this book at all. There are better authors and better stories out there for you. Now, with that said, this is my first Mercedes Lackey book, so I am guessing that if you like her other works you may well enjoy this one.

Submitted by Lalla 
(Aug 03, 2002)

Burning Brightly is the legendary story of Herald Lavan Firestorm. Put that simply, not too many people would look twice at a book that seems to boast about its tale. However, I have news for you, fantasy lovers. If you have read ANY of Mercedes Lackey's Herald stories and enjoyed them, Burning Brightly will leave them all behind. Lavan Chitward, the main character, is as intriguing as they come. He's the sort that every girl would fall in love with over and over and that includes me! I wouldn't want to spoil it for anybody who hasn't read it so I won't give away the plot. All I can say is that Lan is a powerful character with a powerful story. Burning Brightly, as a tale, stands out from the rest with a sort of clarity that most authors couldn't hope to achieve. I'd like to congratulate Ms. Lackey for a book that has kept me enthralled four or five times now.

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