If I Pay Thee Not In Gold by Mercedes Lackey

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Book Information  
AuthorMercedes Lackey
TitleIf I Pay Thee Not In Gold
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by HellCold 
(Mar 23, 2007)

Reading fun: 3 of 5
Author's touch: 3 of 5
Storyline: 2 of 5
Material/length: 3 of 5
Persuasion factor: 4 of 5

Spoilers, beware.

Yes, like most of you would say, "Mercedes had best sell cars, and not write books," but I decided to give her a try all the same, encouraged the more by the fact that the cover had the name "Piers Anthony"...

I read on, and from the first chapter, I got nothing but different forms of crap, but I have to admit that some parts were fun to read...

As to the plot, it's a bit poor, I have to say, and at most points it was expected; there were no "twists" at all, and the ones that were supposed to be so, I read through them from the very beginning...

The magical system, simple as it was, was persuading, and it was "locked" most of the story; people didn't suddenly remember they could summon demons etc. Most things followed certain rules that couldn't be broken...

There was little or no world building at all, except for the reversed fact of women ruling men in Mazonia, the rest was, as usual, utter crap...

The writing of the book wasn't that bad however. The description of the landscapes, people's emotions, and the natural surroundings was good though plain, and dialogs weren't bad either. The part with the mage storm was my favourite through the whole book...

Overall look: Mediocre book; crap-stuffed trash in my opinion. Read it at your own risk...

PS: Sorry if I've been harsh, that's what a reviewer is anyway!

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