Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

  (63 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorAnne McCaffrey
SeriesDragonriders of Pern
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Howard Evans 
(Dec 07, 2004)

This is one of the best books I've ever read so much so that I've read it five times over the years. The Dragon Rider Trilogy, of which this is a one piece, is Anne McCaffrey's best work. The characters are not just memorable, but truly mythical. In her long-term history of the human settlement and evolutiuon of Pern McCaffrey is as good as Tolkien or Asimov as creating a world, but without requiring belief in magic or enormous technological leaps just people and their capacity to adjust to their environment. These would make absolutely compelling movies or better yet a television series particularly since computer effects have matured to the ability of creating believable dragons. Like Middle Earth, Oz, Barsoom and the Foundation, Pern is a place every scifi and fantasy fan should visit.

Submitted by 
(Apr 04, 2003)

I loved this bbok. The first McCaffrey books I read were the Harper Hall Trilogy. After I read this book it cleared up a lot of my questions and now I am reading Dragonquest. I love Lessa F'Lar F'Nor and all the dragons.

Submitted by Dan 
(Dec 12, 2002)

This book is absolutely amazing. It was the first Anne McCaffrey book I read and I just loved it. After I read this book, I went on to read Dragonquest, the sequel. Just recently, I've gone back to read Dragonflight over again. It's even better the second time. Some of the things I didn't understand the first time through are so much clearer the second. If you like dragons, this series is a must.

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