Sabriel by Garth Nix

  (129 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorGarth Nix
SeriesOld Kingdom Trilogy, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by FarnÚs 
(Dec 05, 2005)

Right from the start, something felt wrong with this book. It probably has something to do with the way the author introduces you into this new world. The problem is he doesn't realy introduce you, he just throws you right in, without further explanation. I honeslty do not need a detailed explanation in order to understand what I'm reading, but the way this story starts, made me feel this book was not going to have any depth. And it didn't.
I kept reading to see if the book, the story and the writing would get any better.
The story itself is not that bad, but the writing is. Garth Nix writes anything but fluent. Sentences, even words just don't feel right. Although the story is extremely predictable, I did get surprised sometimes when something happened. One moment I was reading about one thing, then the next sentence there's something I didn't expect to read so quickly.
Reading this book was like hearing someone having a speech read from a peace of paper in the most monotone way I've ever heard.
I wonder if Garth Nix had any fun writing this book. It seems like he was forced to write it. Within meaby three days.
I missed the passion I often feel in the writing.

Submitted by Adam Weekly 
(Oct 06, 2005)

"Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?"

There are many paths people take and Garth Nix has obviously chosen the right path. Sabriel is a gem among book like Garth Nix is a king among authors. Sabriel is the daughter of Abhorsen and heir to the protection of the old kingdom. Sabriel is schooled in Wyverley College in the country below the great wall called Ancelstierre. When Abhorsen goes missing in death Sabriel has to travel into the old kingdom to find her father and take up the position of Abhorsen. Armed with the seven bells and Abhorsens Sword she must travel the length and breathe of the old kingdom.

Submitted by Andrea 
(Oct 19, 2003)

Sabriel (along with Lirael and Abhorsen) is an amazing novel.

It quickly absorbs the reader, bringing you into the world of the Old Kingdom, and Ancelstierre. The heroes are an unlikely team, made up of the newly made Abhorsen, a free magic spirit, and a prince from about 200 years before.

Their greatest enemy, Kerrigor (One of the greater dead) is an incredibly fascinating character, which I must admit, I greatly enjoyed.

I highly recommend this book to 'Teens, as most children IMO would not be able to handle it.

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