Augur's Voice, The by Kerry Orchard

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Book Information  
AuthorKerry Orchard
TitleAugur's Voice, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Angelica Hart author of The Gathering 
(Nov 30, 2003)

Excellent! A well-crafted, thought provoking fantasy that takes the reader on an imaginative and emotional quest. Many books have stirred my heart and mind, but Kerry Orchard's The Augur's Voice went beyond the traditional genre. It invigorated my spirit and soul as well as kept me up half the night! This page-turner is a must addition to any fantasy reader's shelf.

During a suicide attempt, Sarah Tims is snatched from this world and "crossed over" to Equidistant, where she must defeat the Werd, a powerful entity that threatens the cohesion of the universe. With her psyche vacillating from near-hysteria to frigidity, she can barely manage to focus let alone tame emotions that in Equidistant turn into creatures of destructions. Sarah must find the Circlet, crafted by the Augur. His embedded voice can destroy the Werd or return it devoid of its powers to earth. Due to an unknown link, Sarah is the only one who can activate the voice. With the help of Monger and Trapper, proficient creatures, created from her rage and despair, and two Ephermeral (elves) siblings, Fhlanaet and his sister Leas, Sarah sets out on her quest.

Along the way, additional beings aid her as she confronts entities breed from a madman's nightmares. Treachery also joins her entourage, weaving its betrayals like a choking vine. Yet, somehow, Sarah finds courage within and the quest becomes not just a battle through Equidistant to find the Augur's voice, but a struggle to feel once again, to summon the emotions that can heal her heart enough to love and her soul enough to find compassion for the one being she has vowed to destroy.

Don't let this one slip away!

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