Thoughtmaster's Conduit, The by Kerry Orchard

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Book Information  
AuthorKerry Orchard
TitleThoughtmaster's Conduit, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Molly Martin 
(Aug 16, 2002)

ISBN 1-58608-561-1 Paperback
Highly Recommended 5 stars

Rhan has killed his half brother and is sentenced to serve a year in the salt mines. That he had cause for the killing has been taken into account by the Council of Elders, thus he is not sentenced to death. However, before the year ends he may wish that he had been. Adding to Rhan's sentence; his left arm will be shackled lest he use his special power.

Dlrow is overrun by a group of strange beings who mean to take over the world. They practice dark magic, manage to subvert many of the dragons and damage the ones who hold this world's power in balance until only chaos ensues. It is left to Rhan to become the hero he must in order to save his world. He, Vero the thief, Alisha, and Rhan's brother Taoe are thrown into brutal struggle with the Daha'et as the Wakanee circles are rendered helpless.

This tale of past times set in forests and mountains, amidst pools of lava and strange beings is an exciting, entertaining read. The Thoughtmaster's Conduit is a well crafted work in which writer Orchard has created a nicely sketched world and peopled it with a throng of engaging, well developed characters who envelop the reader and keep them reading. Her gamut of individuals runs from the truly horrific to the humorous, from hero to villain and most everything in between.

Orchard's writing is filled with rich detail. With an emphasis on feelings, and, sights and sounds Orchard transports the reader from their chair into the setting. Vibrant zestful dialogue between Orchard?s absorbing array of characters is creditable and serves to move the intriguing tale along at an ever-increasing clip.

The Thoughtmaster's Conduit is a must read for those who enjoy the Tolkien type of fantasy genre in which strange and wondrous beings people a strange and wondrous world. The action is fast paced producing an altogether enjoyable read.

Kerry can be found at this website:

Submitted by Darlene - Canada 
(Oct 29, 2001)

Thoughtmaster's Conduit I find this book possesses amazing power to an envelop you in its characters. Like an addiction you crave to read the next chapter but also are torn because you don't want the book to end. Not only did I enjoy the characters, Kerry's colorfully descriptive language left you aching for the homes they were fighting for. I truly enjoyed this fantasy and await with bated breath for her next endeavor.

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