Gateway by Frederik Pohl

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Book Information  
AuthorFrederik Pohl
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by xvart 
(Sep 05, 2007)

"Gateway" is a wonderful account of one man's journey that culminates into a riveting finale of science and psychology. "Gateway" received the Hugo award in 1978 and the Nebula award in 1977. Pohl crafts a tale of Bob Broadhead who wins the lottery and uses his winnings to escape his "blue-collar" laborer job to go to Gateway, where prospectors may choose missions that send to unknown parts of the galaxy in search of mysterious (and insanely valuable) artifacts from the lost Heechee civilization.

The chapters alternate from Broadhead's time on Gateway to his time many years later with his holographic psychologist trying to help him with some buried issues resulting from his time on Gateway. By alternating between these two points in time Pohl grants an exciting tale that culminates to an explosive finale. Riddled throughout "Gateway" are documents and personal ads that are provided at Gateway or by Gateway personnel. These documents truly add a lot to understanding the mindset of the prospectors and how everyone has needs and wants, even in the height of death or riches.

What is the price of riches? This tale will keep you wondering until the very end. If you like Science Fiction even a slight bit, then you should read this book immediately. It is no wonder that this book has been acclaimed by thousands and received such high awards.

Highly recommended.

Submitted by Joel 
(Jul 30, 2007)

Gateway is the story of Robin Broadhead, who, working as a miner, wins the lottery and spends his entire winnings on a trip to Gateway.

Gateway is an asteroid which houses a small fleet of alien spaceships, abandoned by their creators, the Heechee, millions of years ago. The ships that have been left are able to be programmed, so that the humans are able to use the spacecraft to travel to any destination that they choose.

Gateway prospectors play a deadly game of Russian Roulette each time they make a trip on the leftover spacecraft. Each trip they take could result in great riches, nothing, or even death. The catch is that the prospectors have no idea where the ships are heading, or what will be at the end of the trip.

The story is told as a mix of Robinette's recollections of life on Gateway, and the three trips he made, and his experiences in psychiatry sessions.

Overall, Gateway is an extremely brilliant story, and is worthy of the time of any science fiction fan.

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