Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett

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Book Information  
AuthorTerry Pratchett
TitleMen at Arms
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Darin Thompson 
(Jun 20, 2004)

Men at Arms is one of the best Diskworld series book Terry Pratchett EVER has written. All I can say is you will never think the same way about your meat locker again. This would be a good book to read if you are a first time Pratchett reader. Well I have put my two cents in. Hope you enjoy reading Men at Arms.

Submitted by Captain Naomi of the City Watch
(Sep 16, 2002)

Vimes, Carrot, Colon, Angua, Detritus, Cuddy and of course: Corporal Nobbs all make up what is generally recognised on earth as the scrap-heap but in Ankh-Morpork they call it the Night Watch which basically means the same thing. Men At Arms is the second novel in Terry Pratchett\'s brilliant Guards series. This is a brighter(less dark) book than the last one, Guards! Guards!, and even (if possible) better. With more characters the plot is more diverse and will leave you having to stop reading the book at various intervals so that you can guess what will happen because this is such a well paced novel that the author leaves you no time for that and you will have to make time for yourself. Everyone who reads this has to love Carrot, the simple lad from the mines in Lancre*, Corporal \'Nobby\' Nobbs and the rest. Truly brilliant fantasy that will appeal to people with a good general knowledge and a sense of humour. I\'m ALMOST sure that Ankh-Morpork is a take-off of London. Almost...\r\n*i.e.The Ramtops. We know this because in Guards! Guards!, his mother was sent off to find Miss Magrat Garlick.

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