Well of the Unicorn, The by Fletcher Pratt

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Book Information  
AuthorFletcher Pratt
TitleWell of the Unicorn, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Sy 
(Mar 07, 2008)

This is a story of a war in the Middle Ages - in which magic works, more or less as it was thought to work then. That is, doing magic requires a gift and training, and is effortfull and far from omnipotent; but it is a form of power. The hero is a young man, a fairly capable magician, who ends up marrying a princess and becoming king - without intending anything of the kind. He overcomes various obstacles, at considerable cost to his emotions and ideals. It is not a children's story.
The storytelling is very good - it holds the reader's interest and moves at a fair pace. Events are sometimes obscure for a while and get cleared up later. Pratt is a military historian and the book is authentic - assuming magic works.

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