Amber Spy Glass, The by Phillip Pullman

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Book Information  
AuthorPhillip Pullman
TitleAmber Spy Glass, The
SeriesHis Dark Materials
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by steve 
(Mar 09, 2009)

Great trilogy. Well written, intriguing ideas, compelling plot. However, maybe I missed the explication in the books, but I cannot figure out why Mary Malone and Father Gomez, both adults with intact daemons, were both left unharmed by the Specters to walk through Cittigazze to reach the window into the world of the mulefa? I guess that it is a testament to my enjoyment of the books that I care enough to want to tie up these loose ends in my mind...

Submitted by pantalaimon 
(Aug 26, 2005)

This book is by far the greatest book in His Dark Materials trilogy and the greatest book I've ever read. Pullman's writing is magnificent. This is the only book I have ever cried while reading.
There are so many characters and all of them play such an important part in the plot. The whole time your following Lyra and Will, Mary Malone, Lord Asriel, Mrs. Coulter, and Father Gomez, but everyone comes together in the end.
When I found out that Lyra and Will could not be together I was devastated. They had fallen in love, but they had to be torn apart. So sad. After reading this book I have decided to name my daughter Lyra.

Submitted by joshua harding 
(Jan 20, 2004)

Never in my life have I felt so moved by a book.

I finished reading it in my English class today (I was supposed to be doing work) and I was so embarrassed, because it was really obvious I was holding back tears. I got to know Lyra and Will's relationship so well that when it ended, I was crying my eyes out. I could only start my crying when I got home to stop others seeing.

I was recommended it by a friend, whom I am now thanking for it, but still I have an emptyness in my heart where Will and Lyra used to be. I really want P.P. to write a sequel, where Will and Lyra will see each other again and stay together.

Pullman is such a great writer as he gripped my heart as they first kissed and ripped it out when they had to leave each other, it's almost like a human touching your daemon.

I'm still upset and feel tears coming on every time I think of them saying goodbye, like right now, and im 15!

I loved the book and I'm upset it ended. I loved it and it will always be in my heart. I'd give it 5903837 out of 10.

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