In Legend Born by Laura Resnick

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Book Information  
AuthorLaura Resnick
TitleIn Legend Born
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Kay Li Yeoh 
(Oct 25, 2001)

In Legend Born is a rich, superb book in every sense. Its characters are so realistic that they could just be anyone you know, in work or school. The issues and themes in the book are so similar to those we experience now, in the real world. Themes like oppression, love, human rights, the need for freedom. The sequel promises to be just as outstanding as the original. Many people young and old will enjoy this novel. All thanks to its brilliant author, Laura Resnick.

Submitted by 
(Jun 22, 2001)

In Legend Born is a wonderfully composed fantasy. The author, Laura Resnick, captivates readers with a believable fantasy world/culture complete with magic, heroes, and rivalries. I hope there's a sequel!

Submitted by Chriss Wallwork 
(Jun 19, 2001)

I was given In Legend Born as a birthday present and I have to say that this is one of the best. It is absolutely marvelous! I loved the characters, especially Mirabar and the story was huge in span and original. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a good read. Let's just pray that there is a sequel. ENJOY!!

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