Sojourn by R. A. Salvatore

  (48 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorR. A. Salvatore
SeriesDark Elf Trilogy, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Eddie Huffman 
(Jul 31, 2009)

This book was by far thye best of the Dark elf series. It had adventure and twists that were unexpeted. You found yourself unable to put it down. Like the first two books it was amazing. It is in my opinion the best book of the Drizzt series. But saddly the seriers starts to fall down hill from here. It seems that the series it dragged on and is going no were fast. But Sojourn is a great book for someone who hasn't read a fanisty book, its nice to start where.

Submitted by Alex Kimbrell 
(Apr 08, 2006)

Sojourn is a very well thought out and deep book. Like Homeland and Exile, every step is clearly painted and its so easy to follow and lose yourself to the pages of the book. It took me 8 hours straight to read, but i did it nonstop and it was simply AMAZING. About the only thing I could find negative about this book was that it moved a bit to fast and the situations that Drizzt found himself in, were solved a bit too quick. But thats just my opinion. Oh! Drizzt gets a bow! Finally! Crossbows were used far too much in Menzoberranzan and it was just cool to see that Drizzt even forsaked that.

Submitted by Tony Erickson 
(Nov 13, 2004)

I have completed the Dark Elf triology of which Sojourn wraps up, leading to other tales to come. Sojourn just reinforced a sense of wonder in R.A. Salvatore's writing style and sense of balance. I thought the book was very good, it'll keep you up many a night past your bed time yearning for the results of a well planned, detailed, yet fast paced and exciting adventure. The characters feel real, and their struggles and codes of morality can envelope you like no other. Despite a few small typos that I encountered, the book is a really solid read and is definetly worth your time.

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