Curse of the Blue Figurine, The by John Bellairs

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Book Information  
AuthorJohn Bellairs
TitleCurse of the Blue Figurine, The
SeriesJohnny Dixon/Professor Childermass
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(Apr 10, 2005)

Johnny Dixon is a young boy living with his grandparents. He loves playing chess, reading about ancient Egypt and listening to his favorite scary radio program. When Johnny finds an old blue figurine in the basement of the local church, strange things begin happening (the house becomes infested with spiders, and Johnny starts having nightmares). Johnny finds out that the figurine is somehow related to Father Bart a long-dead member of the Duston Heights community, rumored to have been a murderer. As the magic associated with the figuring begins to escalate and to bewitch Johnny, his friend Professor Childermass attempts to help him break the spell of the figurine. Together, Johnny and the Professor struggle to unravel the mystery and keep Johnny alive.

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