Dark Glory War by Michael Stackpole

  (23 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorMichael Stackpole
TitleDark Glory War
SeriesThe DragonCrown War Cycle
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Michael the Miller 
(Apr 04, 2003)

The Dark Glory War was handed to me by a friend who suggested I read it. I read it and my friend was right, it is good. The battles and lead up to the battles were good, the action was well written and most of the characters were believable. The ending of the book though, the last chapter, seemed a bit rushed though, like the author realized he had to close things quickly. It's already a rather lengthy book, minimized by the size of the print. The enemy, Chrytine, was a good villain, evil yet not overtly so. I thought the gibberkin use was a bit much, too much slaying nameless enemies. The magical sword, Temmer, was a good spin on things, though each battle seemed to rely too much on it. When the heroes fell, and turned to the evil side, that was a surprise plot twist that was welcome. Most of the book was predictable. Only two plot twists got me: the heroes falling and the ending. Only one of the plot twists I enjoyed. Tarrant losing his mask was... rushed. I did read the last page as I started the book, and that kept me reading it. I kept wondering as I read, what events happen that lead him to lose his mask? So that was a good thing, but only because I read the last page first. The answer to the question was somewhat contrived. All in all, a good book with plenty of gory battles.

Submitted by Mitch Thomann
(Dec 08, 2000)

This book is the latest of Micheal Stackpole's books. It is part of the Dragoncrown Series. I've read all of Stackpoles work and I must say this tops them all except Once A Hero. The ending of this book was really incredible. I knew all along that it would have a ending that would shed a light on who he is because through the whole story he is talking in past form. But I did not expect that. My only regret is that I read it when it first came out. Now I have to wait until next May for the sequil. I really hope Tarrant gets back with his father in the next to book. The thing that I really don't like about this book is how easily and fakily Lord Norrington gave up. It just seemed fake. But over all a pretty good read.

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