Warlock In Spite of Himself, The by Christopher Stasheff

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Book Information  
AuthorChristopher Stasheff
TitleWarlock In Spite of Himself, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Prometheus 
(Jan 19, 2003)

This series (this book in particular) is the only one that I have ever read that has actually seemed to be unexplained fantasy that could not possibly be true, when it suddenly becomes explained and becomes science fiction. It requires unusually provocative books such as these to keep me awake during my classes. It is the perfect genre for me; I am interested, amused, exited, and satisfied at the outcome of events while reading. One who posesses a ready mind will practically be glued to this series, and there are so many of them. I still have not read them all. These are books that are so effectively written, I can feel emotions toward the characters. It is a truly enjoyable experience to finally have more than one minor character I can relate to.

Submitted by Stephen Bruce
(Jun 03, 1999)

I believe that the warlock series written by Christopher Stasheff is very good and well-written. It begins with thebook A Warlock in Spite of Himself. There are about ten books in this series, excluding the Warlock's Children series and others set in the same universe. This series is a blend of science fiction and fantasy. It is about Rod Gallowglass who is working for an organization, SCENT, that is trying to bring democracy to all planets. The world he is on is called Gramarye, where people live in a medieval society, and there are many espers (called witches and warlocks on Gramarye). Rod is fighting two political groups, the anarchists and the totalarians, and he finds that he has some esper powers himself. I would recommend this series to all fantasy and science fiction readers.

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