Two Towers, The by J.R.R. Tolkien

  (93 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorJ.R.R. Tolkien
TitleTwo Towers, The
SeriesLord of the Rings, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 12, 2002)

In The Two Towers, the second part of the wonderful fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings, the story continues to unfold and surprise. The lush plot, accompanied by the continued realism of the characters, truly brought this book to life.
I couldnt put it down. Although the fellowship was broken, Tolkien continued the story of each character. I loved this. Because of my friendship with each and every character I needed to follow up on their lives. The new situations the characters were thrown into would be unbelievable if written by a lesser author, but no matter how unreal, Tolkien made them happen before my eyes. Frodo and Sam, horror-stricken, began slowly to back away, their own gaze held by the dreadful stare of those baleful eyes; but as they backed so the eyes advanced. These were the dreadful eyes of Shelob- over a hundred year old, giant, spider-like creature that hides in the caves used by the Mordor orcs. She will eat anything and everything that comes near her, including Frodo if she is given the chance.
This book has a similar ending to the The Fellowship. Tolkien leaves you hanging. Frodo was alive but taken by the Enemy. I had to go and pick up the next one. I started the next book within a half-hour. I needed to know what happened.
I loved The Two Towers. The plot and characters were truly enticing. I was able to live in Middle Earth while I read this book. Reality slipped behind me and I was in the story. Not one sentence of it was unbelievable.

Submitted by Dan The Man 
(Aug 03, 2002)

The Two Towers is a perfect example of what every book needs.It needs excitment,it needs detail,its not boring.The Two Towers is by far one of the best books i have read in in my life.Sure there were some parts where J.R.R could have sped it up a bit,but his main focus was 2 detail every little thing he could.The battles in this book were phenomenal,so detailed,so well written.I am currently reading "The Return Of The King" in his final installment of the series.I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to take the time out to read this astonishing piece of work.

Submitted by Shawn G 
(Dec 03, 2001)

Good book, TTT is better than TFOTR and he did a better job of it. It was so rich in detail and the storyline was so good you felt like you where a character of the book. He really put his heart and soul in this book as he did in the Hobbit. Even after all these years his stories is still affecting people every where.

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