Last Dragonlord, The by Joanne Bertin

  (93 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorJoanne Bertin
TitleLast Dragonlord, The
SeriesDragonlord Saga, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Lesley Elliott 
(Oct 22, 2009)

This is one of the best books I have read.. and read.. and read. In fact it is one of my favourites, the whole concept of shape changing is so fascinating and the idea of such long lived creatures waiting for their soulmates for hundreds of years is very sad. The contrast of emotions between the long lived Dragonlords, trying to be slower to react and and the short lived Humans turbulent scheming again is well done. I am fascinated by dragons and recommend this to all.

Submitted by Corey Meating 
(Jan 04, 2006)

This story shows the thoroughness of how the fantasy world is turning. A story that can and most likely will give new writers like myself, a new way to embelish the ways of dragons and humans alike.

A tale like this can't be put down. I loved every minute that I spent reading this novel. Her fast flowing movement through the story was great, yet her stops to explain her vivd world were very impressive.

I love Bertin's writing scheme and am patiently waiting for the third book to come out.

Submitted by Marielle 
(May 11, 2005)

This is the type of book you just can't put down. I discovered it on my roommate's bookshelf midnight last night and stayed up until 5am to read the entire thing. It's got romance, high adventure, delicious coincidences, and a generally all around good feeling to it.

I took break from Cryptonomicon to read it because I wanted to save the last couple hundred pages to read in a real time human art exhibit. I probably should have saved this book instead!

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