Gemquest: the Twins by Gary Wassner

  (13 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorGary Wassner
TitleGemquest: the Twins
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by J.R. Murdock 
(Mar 04, 2005)

I knew the author before I knew the books. I had the intention for some time of actually picking them up, but was forewarned that Gary was picked up by Windstorm Creative. That was more than enough to pique my interest and I knew I had to have these books. Not just twins, the three that were out.

Like any great epic that spans multiple volumes it took a few chapters to get going. The ground work needed to be laid and found this groundwork easy to get through, unlike many lengthy series. Once through I was into pure story. I could visualize scenes unfolding before me. I could hear the roar of battle. I could sympathize with the character's plight as I had grown to know them and their situation. And not just from a single, narrow minded point of view, but from an abundance of characters each with their own related view to the events unfolding.

Unlike many books, this left me not just wanting more, but wanting time to contemplate the events that had transpired and why they occurred as they had. It was more than just a story. It was a glimpse into darkness from the light. It was a change to grimace in the face of evil. It was the start of something worth the time invested.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Aug 10, 2004)

This is one of the most captivating fantasy novels I have ever read with the ability to become a classic should the series develop in the way that it appears it will. Gemquest's author Gary Wassner, adeptly creates a foreign, but believable, world before the eyes of the reader, in which one can actually picture the world as if it was there before him. The author captures the essence of what true fantasy novels are about. there is the battle of good versus evil, the strong the weak, plot twists and turns. Overall, this book hits it all right on the mark. As I read through the novel I felt a connection with each of the characters, a growing concern for the world that the good are there to protect and a growing hatred for the evil Colton and his scheme to destroy the world for his own selfish salvation. Each character is developed such that you can feel their pain or sorrow, their joy and their grief. However, even knowing or understanding the predicaments that many face, you are somewhat surprised by their decisions and their actions. The world developes and the plot thickens. at the end of the book I craved more pages to read and more adventure to endure. I am awaiting the release of the next book as I have already read this one 3 times and cannot wait for the epic to continue.

Submitted by
(Jun 29, 2000)

I stumbled upon this book at one day, and the synopsis really appealed to me.  i am a lover of nature, and i thought that the premise was really interesting.

well, i loved the book!  i was fascinated from the very first chapter.  the characters come alive immediately.  the language is descriptive to the point where i was really able to picture the world, the people, and  the cities.  more importantly, it is intelligent!  the concepts are clearly developed, and worthy of discussion, particlularly when it comes to ethical issues.

i was reduced to tears during one chapter, and i remember it poignantly.  the author was able to write such a vivid and beautiful scene, that  i found myself crying while reading it.  that does not happen to me too often.

i really liked the characters.  i feel as if i know some of them now, and i am anxious to read the next book, so i can see how they all fare.
this entire world became so real to me, that i find myself wondering how everyone is doing, as if they had lives of their own outside of the covers of the book.

so many books today are just plain boring.  this one was not!  i read whenever i had an opportunity, and i was disappointed as the book drew to a close, knowing that my experience was soon to be over.  at least until the next one come out.

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