Black Jewel Trilogy, The by Anne Bishop

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Book Information  
AuthorAnne Bishop
TitleBlack Jewel Trilogy, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by gp24 
(Oct 01, 2007)

This is one of the very best trilogies I've read.

What stands out most is the vivid, lush language. Every word was worth reading; I never had to skim through a boring descriptive passage just to get to dialogue. The storyline moves at a good pace, taking the time to develop the characters, but not dragging. The trilogy also has in common many of the qualities that distinguish literary classics. It explores important concepts such as "what is good or evil", "sacrifice", "acceptance of 'others'", "the use of power", "family", and many more.

In conclusion, I would recommend this trilogy to anyone who's 16 or over.

Submitted by Angelina 
(Jan 10, 2006)

I decided to get this book because ever since I was around 11 I wanted to become a novelist. Now I am 13 and even though I do sound young (however I am turning 14 next month) I'm going to stick with that goal. So on Christmas I found myself glued to the book. In the beginning, however, I wasn't exactly certain that this book would catch my interest and that possibly it would bored me to death. Though the fact that I love reading, sometimes beginnings throw me off. But right when I read the prologue I found myself absolutely in LOVE with this book. The settings are so detailed it seemed that it wasn't even difficult for Bishop to write them. You could picture them in your mind, which makes the story wonderful. The characters are oh so real, you would even think that one night one of them would pop up right on your bed (not in that kind of way though. I don't want a pleasure slave XD). I am so grateful that I actually ran into this book because it brought so much determination through my mind and that I'm grateful enough to read something so energetic that it would actually make me laugh at funny times, pause between sentences when the drama and suspence spill through the pages, and even putting the book down and complaining why this had to happen before going back to reading. I'm not even that emotional if I do say so myself, so it's very powerful if a book is able to do something like this. Anyone who is over 13 (and even people who don't even like reading) this is the number one book you MUST read. It has possibly EVERYTHING a person would ever want in a book and it will leave you breathless once you have finished. I have not completed this book yet unfortunately. I'm on page 1037 at the moment but I will return to reading it once writing this review that I think should be read by everyone. My favorite character would have to be Daemon Sadi or Saeten SaDiablo... Actually it's mostly a tie between both. The Sadist has drawn me to believe that he is extremely attractive and yet his attitude is very cruel and icy, but it just makes me like him more. And Saeten has this dry humor within him that always makes me laugh. The father and the son... Who couldn't love them? But please; check out this book as soon as you have the time. You will not regret it at all!


Submitted by Kristen 
(Jul 29, 2005)

I have now read this trilogy three times and everytime I read it it's still amazing. Its beautifully written from the beginning to the end. The characters are easy to connect with and the settings are vividly painted. My favorite character would have to be Saetan with his dry sense of humor and his love for his friends and family. I highly recomend this book. I would give it more than five stars if I could.

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