The Jaguar Knights by Dave Duncan

  (6 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDave Duncan
TitleThe Jaguar Knights
SeriesTale of a King's Blade
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jacob 
(Mar 20, 2005)

The book is just excellent. Duncan begins with the massacre at Quondam, attacking a seemingly impregnable castle and kidnapping a royal mistress, as well as killing many, including blades and leaving behind the corpse of a massive monstrosity- a cross between a jaguar and a man, an incredible foe. The story is told revolving around two blades, Sir Wolf and Sir Lynx. Sir Wolf, a member of the guard, has recieved the nickname "The King's Killer" during the Thencaster Conspiracy, killing many of his brother blades. Sent to investigate with an inquisitor named Dolores, he finds his brother Lynx seriously injured and his ward living but kidnapped. They find the culprits, but a mysterious plaque from the jaguar-man points Lynx towards the nation of his ward's captors. While Dolores and Wolf report to Athelgar Lynx flees the country, stealing royal property, selling it and then taking a boat hoping to get to the mysterious enemy. But soon Wolf and Dolores are sent with other inquisitors to find the secret of the mysterious enemy, but their enemey is much stronger than they expected, and Lynx soon finds himself undergoing a strange transformation. The rest you can read and find out. All in all its an incredible book, using many of Duncan's old tricks in writing several times, yet using them to where you don't get tired of it.

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