First Riders' Call by Kristen Britain

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Book Information  
AuthorKristen Britain
TitleFirst Riders' Call
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Dusti 
(Jan 09, 2006)

I enjoyed the first Green Rider book and waited for the second. I was taken by the character Karigan because she was a reluctant hero who was driven by love,fear and devotion to her king. When I started First Rider's Call I started to believe that Karigan and the First Rider were so much alike. They both carry burdens on their shoulders that they do not share with others. The other reason I like the character Karigan is because each person that reads the books see's Karigan in a different light. I see her different than my mom or even friends who I gifted the books to. It is well thought out and I do not mind waiting between books because I know that it will be worth it!

Submitted by Tessa 
(Aug 27, 2005)

The Book was a stunning continuation of The Green Rider. I love fantasy books and I believe this new writer can be as good as Anne McCaffrey. She writes a magnificently strong female character, which is unusual, but I hope many other writers decide to write in the same direction. This is a book well worth reading and has many twists and turns and very exciting.

Submitted by U Maclean 
(Jul 28, 2005)

I had waited quite a while to get a copy of First Rider's Call after reading Kristen Britain's first book and I was just as impressed by the second book as I had been by the first. To have so many strong female characters is quite unusual for sff and very welcome I thought. The storyline was gripping from beginning to end with quite a few unexpected twists and turns, the sub-plot about the relationships between Karigan/King Zachary/Alton/Lady Estora is well done and not too schalmtzy. I can't wait for the next episode to find out what happens to them all next.

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