Lord of the Fire Lands by Dave Duncan

  (9 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDave Duncan
TitleLord of the Fire Lands
SeriesTale of a King's Blade
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
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(Jan 29, 2000)

A stunning collaboration of excellent characters and an amazing plot, which is unique to most fantasy books, are two ingredients put into Dave Duncans latest book, Lord of the Fire Lands. This terrific sequeal to one of the most praised books of the year, The Gilded Chain, is an unstoppable blitzkrieg of adventure, emotion, and genius. To find an author as imaginable as Duncan is a rare feat indeed. Combining key fantasy elements into an original plot while creating a world one cannot help but plunge into is a task that Dave seems made for. This startling masterpeice is a definate must for anyone interested in reading a series with some of the most memorable, and extraordinary characters ever! Start this series as soon as possible.

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