Paragon Lost by Dave Duncan

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Book Information  
AuthorDave Duncan
TitleParagon Lost
SeriesTale of a King's Blade
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by DJ 
(Jan 19, 2003)

After reading the official review here, I got a copy of this book from the library and expected great things.

After the first hundred pages or so, I couldn't say that I really felt sucked into the story, partly because is was very slow to get moving. The dialog at the beginning seemed disjointed to me, the descriptiveness of the characters and events seemed shallow, and I didn't feel like the author got me to really care about the main character.

By the time I completed the book, I thought the story was good, but not great. The main character always knew exactly what to do, how things would turn out (for the most part) and didn't question his actions at all. Basically, he is an unmatched swordsman with stunning looks and a lot of arrogance about himself and his abilities.

For me, that doesn't pull me in and get me rooting for the guy. This is not a story about person growth, self-realization, or even triumphing over impossible odds. It's a story where you watch a guy redeem himself and his honor, with not a thought that failure is a possibility.

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