Exile's Return by Raymond E. Feist

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Book Information  
AuthorRaymond E. Feist
TitleExile's Return
SeriesConclave of Shadows
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by 
(Dec 15, 2009)

This book to me was a bit of a Disappointment, in the way that Talon was not the protagonist. The other two books were entirely based upon Tal. Im not saying the book was bad though it was exciting and had adventure from one side of the world to the other. While a man that had so much was ruduced to nothing but the clothes on his back. Throughout the story he had to rebuild his life to become a "New man" If he was to live and many incidents such as Johanna helped this change. I would love to have seen Talon as the protagonist in this story as there was so much to this man and the plans the Conclave had for him, then once he had completed one task they no longer were in need of him. I have read this series twice now and overly excited to read others, while at the same time praying for another book to have Talon as the protagonist. I would like to thank Feist for the most entertaining series i have ever read.

Submitted by Daniel Ballard 
(Aug 28, 2005)

I picked it up, and I couldn't put it down and it was all that I thought about over the days that I read it. Watching Kaspar develop as a person is very satisfying and I always like to read a good adventure novel (aren't all of Raymond's books?) There's gods, magicians, and some old characters from the past, including Tal Hawkins. Great book, but I'd definitely read the first two before I got this one.

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