A Fortress of Grey Ice by J.V. Jones

  (29 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorJ.V. Jones
TitleA Fortress of Grey Ice
SeriesSword of Shadows
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Henry Andersen 
(Jun 20, 2004)

J.V. Jones picks up the trails of the "Almost Daughter" Ash and the outcast Raif Severance where they left off in the first instalment of this trilogy. Not to spoil too much for future readers; the follow-up is more exciting, and intriguing, and to my mind better written than the initial book in this trilogy.

Many might find this book less action-based than the initial book; and there might be too many jumps and skips between the various view-points of the main characters. Maybe the book could have been even better with more, and deeper focus on the main characters quest(s). However; to me it is interesting to see the "world" from many perspectives, and get to know the lands in which the story takes place. A good book, and well worth reading.

The publishers Orbit Fantasy has bravely put a sticker on the book saying ""As good as David Eddings or your money back". I for one will not ask for my money back but finds it difficult to compare two very different writing styles and settings. I think J.V. Jones is a good writer; however I still prefer her "The barbed coil, and will still put my money on Eddings earlier work. End note: I do recommend this book; and am looking forward to the last book later this year.

Submitted by Kristen M. H. 
(Jan 19, 2003)

I've come across many--MANY--fantasty/sci-fi authors in my time, but to me there are only an elite few who truly make books worth reading. J. V. Jones is one of those; she amazes me with her gritty realism, and her superb detail. However, she does not swamp you with words about a sunset, but rather she amazes you with the beauty of it. Her Book of Words trilogy was a kind of warm-up, well written and entertaining. Now, with the Sword of Shadows, she has really coming into greatness. I absolutely adored a Cavern of Black Ice, reading it a countless number of times, marvelling at the the cold frozen landscapes and the even colder, gritty characters. A Foretress of Grey Ice did NOT let me down. Newer point of views were introduced, adding to the labyrinth of plots and intrigue. This book held just as much as Cvern, but with more edge. I do recommend, however, to get the full effect of this book and a Cavern of Black Ice, that you read the Book of Words trilogy first. I sincerely doubt that you will regret any of it.

Submitted by Jackie 
(Oct 13, 2002)

I think that J.V. Jones is a fab. author.
The Fortress is a book that keeps you on a edge and I
can't wait till the Barbed Coil comes out.
The Cliffhanger at the end of the book was so thrilling and exciting I nearly died when I finnished the book. So Please hurry up and write the next book.


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