The Water Born by Greg Keyes

  (9 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorGreg Keyes
TitleThe Water Born
SeriesChildren of the Changeling
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Lam Van To
(Feb 12, 2001)

The Waterborn is a simple story of good and evil, of heroes and those who follow them into battle and of course, love all wrapped up in a fantastic world of myths and fables. The start of the book is a bit slow, but picks up nicely. You'll love the action, intrigue, and mystery that surrounds the characters. When I finished the book, I read about the author. Keyes is an anthropologist with more than an avid interest in Native American culture. I can see where he got his start in storytelling and his ability to weave intricate myths into his book. Keye's sequel to "The Waterborn" is "Black God". Unlike other sequels, this book is strong and stands up nicely to the debut, "The Waterborn". If you like Keyes books, I recommend Tim Powers. If you have not read any Tim Powers, run out and grab "Last Call". This book is pure genius!

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