2012 Airborne Prophesy by Nina Anderson

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Book Information  
AuthorNina Anderson
Title2012 Airborne Prophesy
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 05, 2004)

This book has everything that you could want in story- incredible settings, diabolical story line, strong characters and a plot that engulfs you right in. When I finished reading this book, that includes a conspiracy and science fiction thriller angle, I had chills up and down my spine.

A brief description of the story is as follows:
2012 Airborne Prophesy is a story about a woman pilot and her boyfriend who get caught up in a plot to take over the planet, while the rest of the world is focusing on the predicted earth changes for the year 2012.

As corporate pilots, Kate and Ron uncover a plot for world dominance they find themselves flying into a man-induced atmospheric rift that could change the fate of all earth's people. Ancient writings forecast 2012 to be a year of immense change. Biblical warnings that predict man's demise and questions surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar generate fear among the doomsayers in 2011. Forecasted earth changes challenge the planet's survivability while electromagnetic transmitters, used to alter the weather, are turned into weapons and become a threat to the planet's integrity. In the face of this global instability, a struggle for world dominance arises that ultimately splits the IGCU (policy makers for the earth's nations). Kate's lover, Ian, discovers he is an unwilling accomplice to this takeover planthe victim of neural implants that try to control his behavior.
To soothe their fears about the coming apocalypse, people embrace positive thinking, prayer, meditation, and group visualization to diffuse their growing apprehension. Are these methods of thought powerful enough to overcome the potential for disaster and change the time line of the Mayan prophecy?

I am not a pilot and I have never been in the situation of flying a plane, but this book is so descriptive that you are left feeling that you are right in the cockpit of the plane while everything is happening. The author did such a tremendous job of actually recreating the plane and allowing the reading to willingly suspend their mind to become either the hero or heroine of the story.

Upon completion of reading this book I visited the authors website and found that many of the gadgets used in the books plot to take over the world using mind control technology are actually in existence and patented. The thought of finding this out is utterly frightening. I'm left thinking that perhaps the author has more insight than Nastrodomous himself.

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