The Dark Remains by Mark Anthony

  (5 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorMark Anthony
TitleThe Dark Remains
SeriesThe Last Rune
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by rune 
(Nov 30, 2003)

In this 3rd book in the Last Rune series, the group of friends split. Grace and Travis return to Earth to try and save Beltan's life. The others are left in Eldh, trying to find the murderer who can kill gods.

The same evil is on both Earth and Eldh and eventually the only way to defeat the demonic force is for all the companions to find a way to get back together on Eldh.

An unusual ending, which made me wonder where the plot was heading. I found this book to be a little slower in pace than that of the others, but the ending inspired me to continue onto the next book.

Submitted by Rodney Powell 
(Dec 20, 2001)

Once again Anthony had me spellbound with story-telling ability! This is the third in his soon to be
classic Last Rune series.He takes us right where he left off with the last one. Grace and Travis take
the severely wounded knight,Beltan to Earth.There they must stop a sinister corporation that with help
of dark magic seeks to kidnap Beltan in their quest to get to Eldh and exploit it! Meanwhile on Eldh
Baroness Aryn and her witch friend Lirith aid the goddess Melia and immortal bard Falken stop a
powerful evil that is killing gods!Anthony's world-building skills get better in each installment of his
series.He is able to bring more focus to his world of Eldh and it's history and mythology.He also knows
how add more interesting characters such as Marji, a kind-hearted transvetite and lethal lady
assasin,Vani a woman so tough she could give Xena a run for her money!Anthony also knows how
combines chills with his thrills with descriptions of unrelenting evil as deadly golden spiders who bite
kills in seconds and some terrifying ape-like monsters terrorizing our heroes on both worlds! Anthony
also puts a little X-file type conspiracy with this one with it's sinister corporation,Duratek and the
mysterious group called Seekers.But a word of warning to everyone: this novel does end with a
cliffhanger other than that your hands will be glued to the pages of gripping fantasy novel with it's
memorable cast of characters, chilling scenes of evil and nearly nonstop action and suspense!

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