Star Watchman by Ben Bova

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Book Information  
AuthorBen Bova
TitleStar Watchman
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Tyler Volz 
(Nov 30, 2003)

Published in 1964, Star Watchman is the second novel Bova wrote, following The Star Conquerors. When humanity finally ventured into the outer reaches of the universe, it discovered it had been preceded by it's own ancestors, but sent back to the Stone Age by an elusive alien race known as the Others. Now, centuries after this, the Terrans (humans) control more than half the galaxy after defeating a race known as the Masters. The Empire controls the planet of Oran VI, dubbed Shinar by the natives. The Shinarians have revolted against the empire and have sided with a Komani clan, a race formely allied with the Terrans. Starwatch Junior Officer Emil Vorgens is sent to Shinar to put down the rebellion. Here, he will face conflict with Brigadier General Aikens, head of the Imperial Marines, and the Komani and Shinar natives.

It is truly a great work, and rivals Bova's other works. Another novel, The Dueling Machine, also deals with the Star Watchmen. Star Watchman is a book filled with plenty of action and is a very fast-pased, quick read. You will not be disappointed.

*Both "Star Watchman" and "The Dueling Machine" have been combined in a novel called The Watchmen.

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