California Sorcery by Ray Bradbury

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Book Information  
AuthorRay Bradbury
TitleCalifornia Sorcery
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Chris Wyatt 
(Sep 25, 2001)

Book Review: CALIFORNIA SORCERY Ed. by William F. Nolan & William Schafer In the early 1950s, literary critics began to laud a revolutionary group of writers they called ?The Southern California School?. Some of these young progenies included Richard Block (Psycho), Richard Matheson (I Am Legend) and Harlan Ellison (Deathbird Stories); as well as master-fictionalist Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451). Later to be referred to simply as ?The Group?, these authors were literary daredevils-- iconoclasts who turned fiction to darker, more mythic arenas. Rebels and non-conformists, The Group?s now-classic fiction continues to amaze. These groundbreaking talents have now been collected in the new anthology volume, CALIFORNIA SORCERY. It?s the first book to ever gather stories from each of the twelve members of ?The Group?. With informative notes printed before each story, one can see how the California School broke the rules, and paved the way for generations of artists to come after them. But, far from some moldy regurgitation of all too commonly published material, nine of the entries in CALIFORNIA SORCERY are seeing print for the first time. The other three are reprints of rarely seen, hard-to-find classics. Kudos to the editors, who have chosen tales that truly highlight the diverse storytelling talents of the California School. The included works run from Sci-Fi, to horror, to fantasy, to detective fiction and, in fact, all the way to the Wild West. The book even opens with a thorough (if a little bit wordy) introduction by Christopher Conlon, who paints a detailed picture of ?The Group?; pointing out how their constant collaborations, and joint brainstorming sessions, helped each author find new directions?thus elevating one another. This is definitely a collection to savor. It proffers a striking mix of unfettered creativity and deft skill. CALIFORNIA SORCERY is a thought-provoking treat, cooked-up by some of America's greatest authors. Review by Chris Wyatt

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