City of Golden Shadow by Tad Williams

  (28 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorTad Williams
TitleCity of Golden Shadow
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Steven P. 
(Jun 20, 2002)

I prefer fantasy to sci-fi, so I was more than a bit reluctant to read this book -- boy was I ignorant! This is actually a melding of high fantasy and sci-fi, with characters worth caring about, spellbinding mysteries within mysteries and writing so vivid that I felt like I was "reading" a movie.

I've just begun "River of Blue Fire," Volume Two in the series, and it's already consuming my life.

Submitted by Tim
(May 03, 2001)

I must say, this book is brilliant. I bought the book out of the intriguing cover. I saw it at the mall one day, then went to another book store and saw all four volumes. During that time, I searched through each one to really understand if this was something I could be interested in. The trouble is that I'm not in a huge liking for Sci/Fi. But CoGS isn't really the spacey or cyber geek sci/fi I've been accustomed to. So, with very little knowledge about the book, and some hesitant feelings about hearing that Bushmen from Africa were involved (I'm not racist, it was just strange that these characters are represented, I have no regrets now though), I bought the book anyway. I can't say that I was immediately hooked. In fact, I went straight online to read more. It was then I became satisfied. There were various reviews and interviews that explained more about the story, and that has helped immensely. My understanding of what's going on is the result of the internet. But now, I will finally state my reason for my liking of this amazing tale. Tad Williams takes you right into the characters' minds. Each chapter ends in a cliff-hanger, making you ask a zillion questions at once. But then each chapter begins with the answer to a cliffie that has to deal with a different character. You're immediately locked in to the character's events, not the previous one. I was almost tempted to just read about one character and then go back. But I have soon realized that some eventually come together, which almost seems impossible. The cast is so diverse and wonderfully portrayed, it's a shame that they have to go throughout so much of the World Conspiracy torment. Kudos to Williams! (I haven't even finished it yet! But don't worry about me. I know what I'll be doing this summer...)

Submitted by Brittany
(Feb 09, 2001)

This is one GREAT book! I was suggested by my good friend at school; she too thought it was wonderful. I swear, when I got it, I just couldn't put it down; you could see the light on in my room at 1 in the morning, trying to make it to the end of the chapter before I fall asleep. I started the first in the series about a month ago; I'm now waiting for the fourth one to come out. I highly recommend this book to anyone period. I used to think I could only make it with those (now considered) silly little teeny boppers books. Just give it a go; if you like it, good for you. If not, what can I say? At least you tried.

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