Silver Wolf , Black Falcon by Dennis McKiernan

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Book Information  
AuthorDennis McKiernan
TitleSilver Wolf , Black Falcon
SeriesMithgar Novels
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Keyoke 
(Dec 07, 2001)

Silver Wolf, Black Falcon is the last (supposely) tale to place in the world of Mithgar. While many folks dislike this series because of it's evident copy of Tolkien works, I still found the majority of this series to be highly enjoyable, and deftly written.

Unfortunately, the final book of the series was a bit of a let down, hence, it only recieves a rating of 4 out of 5. My biggest qualm with this book was the extremely slow plotting. Within the first 300 pages, baerly anything of any great importance has happened. Mainly, only slight interuption in the main story give any insight to the over all story line. And these were brief. The majority of the first 300 pages are a series of endless debates on the nature of life. Good vs Evil, God vs Faith, Faith vs Science, Life vs Science, Nature of Prophecy's, etc.. After countless debates, it grew tedious.

And, what I found to be tiresome to a point was that this book tend to serve as a memoir to all the other books. The Main characters visiting old friends, visiting kindgoms, repeating the stories of previous books. While this was nice to be reminded, it grew yet again tiresome.

While the above are major complaints, being the last of the series, I did need to return to the world of Mithgar, and see the final results of all the previous books. It nicely ties them up, and while you would never suspect you were reading a series, you were. Each book stands on it's own, but, in the end, ties to a much bigger picture..which, in essence, is life.

McKiernan is a superb writer, and I look forward to his more orginal works.


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