ONCE Upon a Winters Night by Dennis McKiernan

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Book Information  
AuthorDennis McKiernan
TitleONCE Upon a Winters Night
SeriesA Fairy Tale
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Lynn Maya 
(Aug 16, 2002)

"Once Upon a Winter's Night" is a fairy tale. Though the story is interesting, I thought the writing was wierd. Looks like McKiernan is writing poetry, and I didn't really like that.
I loved the story because I love fairy tales, but this one was in my opinion too long. McKiernan says his first version of the story was only 11 pages long, and he "lenghtened it a bit". But I think he shouldn't have because there are moments where many things happen at once, then during the 5 next chapter nothing happens at all, then things happen all at once again, and so on.
I think he tried all he could to lenghten it and so doing spoiles the entire story. I would have rated it 5 if he hadn't lenghten it so.
I don't recommend this book to anyone, unless you don't mind reading a story where for a long time NOTHING happens AT ALL.

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