Weapons of Choice by John Birmingham

  (37 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorJohn Birmingham
TitleWeapons of Choice
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by steve hibbert 
(Oct 14, 2006)

A fantastic read which keeps me on the edge of my seat each page.
A clash of modern day issues which are taken back to World War 2, to a world where racism, bigotry are commplace and a man is judged by the colour of his skin.
Could the Allies be wrong in saving the world from annilation. How can Spruance's fleet comes to terms with everything they fear on there side. Jihad is sixty years early.
So good I bought two and three before I could finish.

Submitted by 
(Jul 16, 2005)

It's a very good book. Scenes showing the reactions of the WWII commanders and sailors seeing african americans and women in commanding positions were very well done I thought. The battle scenes are sharp and intense!!The most interesting aspect was how everyone in the end worked together to up to that point, meaning the end of the of the 1st book was great.. I can hardly wait for book 2!!!!!

Submitted by kissambro 
(Dec 14, 2004)

This is an excellent novel... and I am only 2/3 of the way through it. Never really being a history buff, John Birmingham has opened my seemingly-dull eyes to the fact that, yes, Axis leaders possessed intelligence.

This is what I term, "Believable Fiction." I don't really care for books that are soooooooo far-fetched & unrooted in reality, that I can't even imagine anything in the book being believable. Parallel Worlds, accidental time-travel, modern vs. contemporary weapons... John Birmingham had made this book REAL for my forty-ish, Gemini mind.

My Favorite Part of the book? I love the detailed descriptions and 'what-it-would-really-be-like' clashes between the two American Cultures. My, how far we have come since the 1940's, eh?

I HIGHLY recommend this book to those who are of the "Flight of the Old Dog," Tom Clancy, "Andromeda Strain" bent.

Can't wait for the next of the trilogy...

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