Wit'ch Storm by James Clemens

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Book Information  
AuthorJames Clemens
TitleWit'ch Storm
SeriesBanned and the Banished
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rodney Powell 
(Oct 29, 2001)

Usually the second novel in a fantasy series is the weakest.This rule is broken in this sequel to
witchstorm as Clemens returns us to his world of awesome good and terrifying evil!Our heroine
come one step closer to fulfilling her destiny and dark forces against her are more determine than
ever to defeat her.The author introduces us to more characters and one scene a character is killed in
a most shocking manner! Word to the wise:this novel has depictions of creatures straight of
nightmares and those who suffer arachnophobia might steer clear of this novel.Other than that pick
up this book be prepare for another dark,twisted and unforgettable ride!

Submitted by Stephanie
(Feb 09, 2001)

I have to say this about Wit'ch Storm, by author James Clemens: One of the finest Fantasy novels I have read yet. I am a very big fan of Fantasy and Sci-fi novels, and this series, The Banned and the Banished has to be one of the best I have come across in a long time. This is the type of book that sends you on an emotional rollercoaster. I laughed at the Wagon the Company took in to get past the Gul'gotha. I cried when a worthy and beautiful member of the company died. Well, I do not want to give anymore away then I already have. All I can say is that this is a great book and I strongly recommend it as a huge fan of Fantasy Novels. (note: if there is a review before this one by me, just ignore it, I kinda messed up, regretfully, I am a great Fantasy and Sci-fi fan, but computers do not like to agree with me)

Submitted by Matt
(Feb 09, 2001)

This book was an excellent 2nd to Wi'tch fire. not only did it captivate me it also intrigued me in the wonders of Alesa. Great book.

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