Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks

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Book Information  
AuthorTerry Brooks
TitleRunning with the Demon
SeriesThe Word and the Void Trilogy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 14, 2010)

My librarian suggested "Running With The Demon" to me, and I loved it. The characters that he creates are so believable, and it's as though you are there, watching everything happen. At times, I felt as though I was running in Nest Freemark's shoes, working out her problems as she did. The plot twists and turns, keeping me on my toes trying to figure out what was going to happen next, who the demon really was, etc. At the end of it all, I thought that Nest handled her situation and prior events with more grace than might be expected of a fourteen year old. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a good fantasy novel. Five stars!

Submitted by ~Freedom~ 
(Nov 08, 2005)

Running with the Demon...Where do I Start? Okay...Running with the Demon was overall excellent. But what I loved was the detail. Personally I am one who likes to really get to know the characters. If you donít know the characters, thereís no point in the story. You have to be able to feel what there feeling and Terry Brooks does an excellent job. I found myself envisioning and feeling everything Nest Freemark was. Although sometimes I would have personally done differently in her situation I really could feel exactly what was happening. Nest truly was a teenage girl thrown into a situation and rested as such. It wasnít corny at all.

This book was amazing and completely real. And in a way, after reading this book I realized that in one form or another, humans truly are running with the demons.

Submitted by Ashley 
(Aug 10, 2004)

I for one personally enjoyed Running with the Demon. Most of teachers were rather surprised I was reading something that looked a bit on the long side. Being only fifteen I found Terry Brooks' work most enjoyable. It was one of those books that no matter what you couldn't put it down even if you had wanted to. It's on my summer reading list and during the beginning of my second semester at school we were to choose a book from the reading list and do a project on it. I chose Running with the Demon. It was an awesome book and I recomend it to anyone who likes fantasy/horror/suspense stories. Two thumbs up!

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