Clovenstone by Ruth McIntyre-Williams

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Book Information  
AuthorRuth McIntyre-Williams
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jack Gardner
(May 15, 2001)

Not since I first discovered "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien many years ago have I been as engrossed by the creation of a fantasy writer as I have during my initial exposure to "Clovenstone" by Ruth McIntyre-Williams. Succinctly put: "Clovenstone" is a wonderful read. Her landscape is detailed in its reality and her characters are fully drawn. While Tolkien drew upon Germanic and Nordic mythology, McIntyre-Williams cleverly draws on the Celtic mythology of her heritage. This is a classic quest story starting with the introduction of one lone heroine drawn by her destiny. As the story progresses she is joined by other characters until the questing party is composed of a half dozen characters both human and mythic. There are mages, warriors, little people and shape shifters all coming together for the quest. This 700-page tale of these fascinating folk and how they fare will keep the reader entertained for night after night. The book has a satisfying ending that still leaves the reader hungering for more. Ms. McIntyre-Williams promises a sequel and I for one can't wait. If you like Tolkien, the Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, Norton, Pulliam or Brooks you will enjoy Ruth McIntyre-Williams. This is fantasy for adults. Her language is accurate and phrases well turned.

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