Galilee by Clive Barker

  (12 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorClive Barker
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by a.bailo 
(Jul 08, 2005)

I have just finished this book and I can't believe it is all over. This is a truly captivating story with everything you could ask for in a book violence, mystery,suspense,love and the darkness which seems to be running through all of Clive Barkers stories. The Rich Geary family have made a pact with the magical Barabosa's to allow all there women to be loved by galilee which is not explained until the very end but you are not bored waiting for the conclusion with every page there is a surprise that leaves you wondering what sort of person can just think of these things or where the inspiration comes from.
I read weaveworld as a young adult,one of the first books I read by choice which was a whole new type of reading for me. I then went on to imagica which I could not put down until the end. After a few years break I read great and secret show which i thought was a brilliant story but also disappointing in parts as if it had been rushed, like when you talk and so much is in your head you just want to get it all out as quickly as possible but you miss out finer details which make his books so engrossing. Galilee is the gateway to a almost believable unreality the best book yet.

Submitted by Doro Buettgen
(Dec 23, 2000)

A family story a la 'Dallas' or 'Dynasty' (or, for the younger ones among us 'Melrose Place'), mixed with supernatural elements, told in an unparalleled way. An incredible luck for any reader. It's not easy to determine the timespan of this story. The Barbarossas, a clan of (almost) immortal god-like creatures, are walking the earth since the beginning of time. The Gearys which can be compared to the Kennedy family arrive at the time of the First World War. The fate of both families is closely connected and it is incredibly suspenseful to find out how it's all clinging together and what it will lead to. The single events sometimes seem to come from a soap-opera, sometimes they sound like the good old gothic-horror stories of the 40s and 50s. An unusual combination which cannot be easily explained. The scope of the story may be best described by the remark of the narrator, one of the members of the Barbarossa clan: "What must I do, in the time remaining? Only everything." If that's all there is to it ...?! With this novel Clive Barker has become one of my favorite authors almost overnight.

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