Grunts by Mary Gentle

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AuthorMary Gentle
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jason 
(Jan 04, 2002)

Brief synopsis:-
Orks, Destined to get the...Less favourable end of the stick, But now the worm is turning.!...Or trying at least.
I will say no more of the story, but only of my opinion...
Quite simply, this is one of the freshest and most inspired works I have ever read.
I would like to say, I am not an avid fantasy fan, but this is an exception I have welcomed whole heartedly.
I loved The Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy, I loved The Lord of the Rings and I love that Grunts bridges the gap seamlesly.
I do have one complaint...Where's the sequal?

Submitted by Adir 
(Jul 23, 2001)

Think of the total war between good and evil. In the middle of this war and orc band of the fighting Agaku are sent to retrieve the hoard of a dead dragon. Once safely inside the lair Ashnak,the leader,finds a full store of USMC-issue gear,what else could happen next but the total onslaught of the goodly races and the former ruler of the orc band. The book combines eccentric humor and a fine blend between Tolkien and a sedated Pratchett.

Submitted by Matthew Graybosch
(Mar 27, 2001)

If you ever wondered what would happen if Terry Pratchett got stoned out of his mind and decided to satirize both "Lord of the Rings" and "The Black Company" in one book, then "Grunts" is the book for you. It tells the tale of a band of Orcs who plunder a dragon's cave and end up with a cache of USMC-issue gear. What do the Orcs do? They decide that the Marines had the right idea and start to emulate them, to the chagrin of both their dark master and the forces of Light. Good clean fun.

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