Grayhart by Tara Harper

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Book Information  
AuthorTara Harper
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by DarkRamoth
(May 04, 2000)

Grayheart is perhaps the first book in a new series. Not a series focused on a certain character, but perhaps focused on related characters, all tied in with the healer and wolfwalker Ember Dionne.

Grayheart deals with Dion's grand-daughter, who is a new wolfwalker and a biologist. Faced with a quest and being new to the trails and the ways to survive while journeying, Reszie needs to learn and survive at the same time. Through the journey, you can tell she is Dion's daughter, for she quickly picks up facets of the wolfwalker-wolf bond that only Dion had picked up. 

I enjoyed this book and found it really interesting, because it not only provided information on Dion's entire life, rather than just her youth, it opened up a new facet of her family. Perhaps Dion's brother's descendents, grandchildren of Rhom, will show up in a companion book.

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