Dragons of Summer Flame by Margaret Weis

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Book Information  
AuthorMargaret Weis
TitleDragons of Summer Flame
SeriesDragonlance Chronicles
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
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(Aug 30, 2005)

When I first read this book, I almost broke into tears. You see, I had read all the chronicles and legends and all. I guess you could say I was obsessed. Anyway, I loved all the characters, Laurana and Tanis more so, but still all of them. When I read that Tanis was could very well imagine how i felt. I swore it wasn't true. Then I read on... I found out about Palin and Steel and Usha and Tas and others, and I realized that though I couldn't feel it, I realized the fear they felt was true and real, as real as my own home. I read this book cover to cover for about four times and still I could not banish the strange attachment and love I felt for this book, this world. I read of the nobility and honor of both the Knights of Solamnia and the Knights of Takhisis. I read of love, between Palin and Usha, Tanis, Laurana, Porthios, Alhana, even love for a country, so deep I could scarcely imagine how each felt, if at all. I loved Paladine and Mishakal for their gentleness, their self-sacrificing love for the world. I read of courage, actual, true courage not the courage of people who go into an abandoned warehouse. I learnt so much from reading this- these -books that my liffe turned aroound. I was no longer a carefree, happy child whose only concern was to show off some bracelet, or get top marks in a school test. I now knew sorrow, pain, loss, grief, so much more, things i had never knew existed in this world. This book changed me- for the better. I write this review because I hope it will do the same for other people, people who were like me, people who were better, worse. I say the feelings that only I know of, and now the reader of this, when no one else, not my family, not my friends, knows.

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