House on Peri Lane by Melvin Duncan

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Book Information  
AuthorMelvin Duncan
TitleHouse on Peri Lane
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Aug 20, 2001)

THE HOUSE ON PERI LANE is a ghost story about an ancient pre-civil war abandoned plantation house that was lost during reconstruction. Two Girls, Babs and Page find it and explore it. The resident ghost is named Beverly. She was murdered in the house in 1855 and stays on to protect the place. There are many other ghosts, treasures, and antiques to be found. The girls explore the house and repair it for a halloween party. The invitations say everyone is welcome so Beverly shows up. What a surprise. Teachers and students can't believe their eyes. There are a number of other ghosts. Finding out what happened to them and putting them to rest is a full time job for the two girls. The treasures and antiques assure the girls futures and the house provides them with a home once it is restored. This book is full of adventure and intrigue. I recommend it highly.

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