The Chosen by Ricardo Pinto

  (15 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorRicardo Pinto
TitleThe Chosen
SeriesThe Stone Dance of the Chameleon trilogy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Kevin Jordan
(Jul 13, 2000)

I've read a lot of fantasy novels over the last few years, including those from all the "big name" writers. This first novel in the "Stone Dance of the Chameleon" trilogy has to be one of the most original. Set in a vaguely oriental culture steeped in tradition and oppressive ritual, it tells the tale of Carnelian and his forced return to Osrakum, home of the Masters, for the election of the new God Emperor.

The Masters hide behind masks and huge metal robes on stilt-like legs, and kill anyone not of their 'caste' who see their faces. They treat the lower races as little more than cattle, yet plot amongst each other to control power over the Three Lands.

Full of new ideas, strange characters and most of all a great plot, this is the book to read if you are becoming bored with the standard fantasy genre novel. Highly recommended !!

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