Magic Far Away by Enid Blyton

  (31 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorEnid Blyton
TitleMagic Far Away
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Pammy 
(Nov 30, 2003)

Enid Bylton's The Magic Farwaway Tree has always stuck in my heart. From the early years of reading Enid Blytons books (including The Gollywogs), I was able to escape from everyday life into this magical world... a world I may still drift off to...(know n then!!) even know at the age of 29.

Magical, I will die with the memory of the adventures within!!.

Submitted by Tanmayee
(May 03, 2001)

Enid Blyton is one of my favourite authors and "The Magic Faraway Tree", one of my favourite books. The books are written with amazing simplicity that simply drifts the children away into the world of make believe. Characters like Moonface, Silky and the Saucepan Man have a tremendous recall value and one will always remember them years after reading the books. The Faraway Tree Series consists of three books "The Enchanted Wood", "The Folk of the Faraway Tree" and "Up The Faraway Tree", each more interesting than the previous one. A wonderful reading experience for the children as well as adults!!

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