Wolfsbane by Tara Harper

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Book Information  
AuthorTara Harper
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by DarkRamoth
(May 04, 2000)

Wolf's Bane is a sequel to the Wolfwalker trilogy which introduced the healer and wolfwalker Ember Dionne.

In book one of the Wolfwalker series, titled Wolfwalker, Dion discovered how to do Ovousibas. In Wolf's Bane, after suffering heart-wrenching loss and sorrow, she focuses her life onto the wolves, and they in turn focus on her. This is the book where Dion finally searches out the answers to the wolves' questions. Driven to near madness by grief, Dion and the reader meet the Aiuven, the alien sentient creatures that first gave the humans and the wolves Ovousibas, and along with it a plague to rid their world of the new race: humans.

This book deals a lot with how one deals with grief and loss. Not only is it a sequel to the Wolfwalker series, it is a prequel to Grayheart, which was written before Wolf's Bane.

I loved the book. It holds I think the most vivid images and emotions within it, compared to the rest of the Wolfwalker books. I recommend reading the first trilogy first.

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