Cat Scratch Fever by Tara Harper

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Book Information  
AuthorTara Harper
TitleCat Scratch Fever
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by DarkRamoth
(Apr 14, 2000)

"Cat Scratch Fever" is the start of Harper's second major series. This series is set in a colonized world filled with a dazzling array of technology and opportunities. And amidst a society that we can only dream of now, an elemental earthy force of life and death still rules. The main character starts off the book, dragging the reader into her predicaments one by one, leading down the path to her own destruction or salvation.

I absolutely love Tara K. Harper's books. This was the first book I read, though it's her second series. There is a sequel to this already in print, titled "Cataract" and a third book is due any time. The emotion and action that Harper puts into her books and into her characters, and the way she presented it to me as a reader, gripped me by the mind and the heart and would not let go. I suggest this book to as many people as I can, everyone who is interested not only in scifi and technology, but in the bare basics of survival in a ruthless and cut-throat society. When you're nothing but a number, where is freedom. Thick throughout this book is a heavy dose of symbolism related to slavery of one's mind, heart, emotions and body.

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