Stormrunner by Tara Harper

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Book Information  
AuthorTara Harper
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by DarkRamoth
(Apr 21, 2000)

Book two ended as our unlikely adventurers finally made it home, minus one who stayed behind to form an alliance. But they didn't have good news to share, and now the effort to prevent their county from being destroyed and overtaken by Longear begins.

That alliance that had begun, is destroyed, and only scattered rebels work to free the people from Longear's slavery. Dion, another wolfwalker, and they people of Ariye do their best to keep the raiders out of Ariye, and to help the refugees when they can, but Ariye will soon be busting at the seems. On top of that, you have natural human responses of suspicion and fear.

When it seems nothing else can be done, Dion and the other wolfwalker perform a Calling. Calling requires a wolfwalker of incredible strength, because once its begun, it doesn't end until the wolves let it end. And it requires the wolves help. In this book, you'll learn the price of their help, and just what it is within them that lets them help in what appears to be a human situation.

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