Startide Rising by David Brin

  (24 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Brin
TitleStartide Rising
SeriesUplift War
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Maj 
(Jan 19, 2002)

This is the second in David Brin's 1st uplift trilogy. You don't need to have read the first in the series (sundiver) to enjoy this novel, as it takes place 500 years after Sundiver, and is a totally separate novel.

The book charts a story of Earth's 1st mainly dolphin spacecrew, and once you get used to this way of looking at things, is a cracking good read.

'Uplift' is a process which has been going on for eons. It is the process by which a patron race uplifts a client race by genetic engineering, selective breeding etc. In return the client owes the patron race a debt of servitude for 100,000 years- it is the way it always has been. Humans are a 'wolfling' race- the only race to reach the stars without help and are despised for it. However, by this time, we have managed to uplift chimps and dolphins, enhancing their intellects.

The background to this story is that this 1st dolphin manned mission found a secret fleet, probably belonging to the 'progenitors'- the 1st race who started it all. Then started back for earth. For some reason, a lot of the other alien races want this secret location, and chased the Streaker (the name of the ship), eventually shooting them down over a deserted planet.

None of the aliens want to share the location of the fleet with each other once they get the humans, so a fierce space battle rages in the space around the planet, whilst tensions run rife in the ship below.

For me to give you more info would ruin the story. But storywise, this novel is better than Sundiver (which didn't have a very satisfying final third).

Just sit back and follow Mr Brin as he takes you through this quality novel.

Submitted by Mariner
(Oct 08, 2000)

This book is simply amazing.  Set in the distant future, the universe consists of various races who, through genetic engineering, bring about new sentient species in a strict and rigorous way called Uplifting.  Humans are the only ones who have become sentient on their own since the first race, and for that they are hated.  This book deals with a small dolphin (Humanity's newest uplifted species) ship that makes a strange discovery.  It is well written, well presented, and a good story in general.  There is a perfect mix of background information, action, character development, and speculation.  A must read for any science fiction fan.

Submitted by Rodney Powell
(Jul 15, 1999)

In the 26th century, A human, neodolphin and neochimps crew of the starship streaker crash land
on the beautiful uncharted world of Kithup. They must battle hostile
alien armadas while they protect the most important secret of the universe.
The secret is a alien mummy which gives evidence of the ancient race which
seeded intelligences throughout the galaxies. This novel has scenes of battles
in space and on the seas. Startide Rising has also memorable characters both
human and alien and excellent speculations of alien intelligences.

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